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Ambitious creatives on a mission to get organized & intentional to make an impact in life and biz

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Creative & Productive Co. is for ambitious creative women on a mission to connect, co-work, and create their dream lives and businesses

If you are obsessed with personal growth, productivity, systems strategy & digital tools that help you simplify your life and business.. you're in the right place! 

Need a roadmap to design your dream life and business?

What you get..

📖 Overwhelmed to Aligned: A guide for creatives

🖥 Monthly Digital Resources which includes inspirational phone and desktop wallpapers, brain dump, self care checklists, planning templates etc.

💰 Exclusive Discounts on digital planners, workbooks & templates in the shop

🗓 Workshops, Co-Working, & Coffee Chat Sessions
Need help with organizing your workspace and workflows, want to share what you're creating & need help with staying accountable or need more tech support? 

Whether you're a digital or physical product owned business, or service based, the connections you make will be the best benefit towards your success.

📱 Community Support

Creative & Productive Co. was designed to help you plan with purpose, live intentionally, inspire others, and cultivate a community of like minded women to lift each other up and stay accountable working towards your goals in life and business. So glad you're here. 

Come join us, ask questions, and get support so you can start creating your dream life and business today. 

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